Merry Christmas

So today is Christmas day and here in the Frame It Photography household we are celebrating like so many others around the world.

Having children makes this time of year so magical and takes you back to your own childhood in a way that makes you relive that excitement of waking up on Christmas morning to see what Father Christmas had left under the tree.  Of course we have lavished gifts upon our children and they are so happy with their gifts. We have managed to avoid, for another year at least, the temptation to give them games consoles or the like and that is something we are proud of.

Whilst we all celebrate though with our gifts, and eat and drink to our hearts content I would like to space a thought, and I invite our readers to do the same, to those that have no-one this Christmas.  So many people spend Christmas alone and the thought of that being me sends a shiver deep down my spine.  From the elderly to the homeless this is not a time of year that lends itself to solitude and if all you do is simply consider that it could so easily be you then that is all we ask.

We spent Christmas with our family and, although it shouldn’t just be limited the season, it brings the branches of the family tree a little closer together.

So my last word today is to say – have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the celebrations but spare a small thought for those less fortunate than you.

Merry Christmas


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