In a digital age prints do still matter

We did a shoot for a lovely family last weekend and their photo prints arrived this morning.  They are getting quite a selection but it was the 20×16 inch print of their youngest daughter that struck us.  This photos is beautiful on screen but seeing it as a large format print like that made us realise that in an age when everything is going digital and everyone is sharing photos on Facebook and the like that prints still have “that” appeal.  What it is we can’t put our finger on but this prints is stunningly beautiful and we can’t wait for our clients to collect it tomorrow and see the look on their faces.

Print photographs are not a step backwards, nor are they a step forwards.  They are forever, they are still the best way to see a photograph and we believe that our clients will always wants prints to show of the fabulousness of them.

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Here a short video of our wedding photos.  Would you as a customer be insterested in a video like this being procuded from your wedding or event?

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New HDR Images from Ogden Water

HDR (high dynamic range) is a photographic technique that is gathering some attention in the industry at present.  For me, there are two sides to HDR; one being the use of the technique generate a well balanced image in terms of the exposure to make a scene appear far closer to how a human eye would see things, and the second being the use of the technique (with software of course) to give a very surreal (some would say fake) look to an image.

All our non-commissioned photographs are available as canvas gallery wraps or mounted prints.  If you are interested in displaying or purchasing our work please contact David on 0774709063.

Our first cover photo

We were recently asked but a magazine called Mumbles if we could provide a Halloween themed photo for there forthcoming edition.  We had nothing suitable on file so we opted to dress up our daughter and head out into the cold night air.  We were chuffed with the photos we got and so were Mumbles who opted to use one as their cover photo.  So here is our first magazine cover.

Latest Photo Shoot With a Gorgeous Baby Boy

Part of our deal with our clients is that we will go to their house to make portraits if need be and this gorgeous couple asked us to do just that.  Their names are (as usual we don’t put the names of our client on the web) a secret but this family was wonderful and so hospitable. Their five week old son was a delight and to say these parents were proud would be an extreme undersatement.  So please enjoy a few photos from what, for us and our clients, was a wonderful couple of hours.