Tiresome Weekend and Computer Headaches

So Helen and  I have been ill these last few days, nothing serious but enough to put us out of action. The little one has had a terrible cold too and that has not helped matters.  Yesterday was potentially the worst ever as a parent! The two elser girls were restless and decided they were not going to cooperate with a tired Mummy & Daddy and the baby/toddler was extermely cranky to say the least.
I got a sudden burst of energy and decided I would clean out the computer as the fan was making a horrendous noise, usual the indication that dust has clogged things up a bit.  It sure had! I gave the thing a massive lean out; memory, heatsink and processor out, vacuumed and cleaned.  When back to gether I was pretty pleased with myself, despite my hot sweat, when I siwtched it to hear a small hum rahter than the usual helicopter take-off.  Then came the wo! Helen went on and found that it was running so slow that nothing would open up.  I toook a look, I rebooted and came to the assumption that I had serioulsy dammaged a component suring my clean.

The processsor the the component I suspected as it was running at 100% and killing itself slowly.  What to do? Everything from finding a replacement processor to buying a new computer crossed my mind. One last attempt at fixinf was to re-install Windows.  This wouldn’t scare me if I was planning to do it but as it was an impulse task it made me rather nervous.  I was just about to go ahead when I thought, ” hang on David you have tried a system restore”! Now surely it was too much of a coincidence that after cleaning out the machine that something else had gone wrong? So I restored the system back a week and BINGO!

So after much panic of the computer and some cross words with myself the problem is sorted.  I’ve even goone so far as to defragment and clean up my disks today and it’s running pretty damn well. And how have I rewarded myself, well I spent and hour and a half ironing whilst my our two big girls have played so wonderfully together and gave myself 5 minutes sat down to write this blog entry!

Bye for now….

P.S. Look out for Helen’s triptych photo in the next blog entry


We Love Big Cats

As photographers one of our photographic dreams is to indulge in an African safari and photograph the big game. Of all the animals Africa has to offer it has to be the big cats that interest me the most.

There is just something about them that is majestic and magical; the way they move, hunt, and socialise – it’s all so amazing.

Photographing any animal in a zoo or safari park can be just as rewarding though and we are proud members of Chester Zoo where we adore their big cats with almost as much affection as our own domestic felines.