Photos from the Howarth 1940’s Weekend

A while ago I wrote about the Howarth 1940’s weekend we all visited. I never got round to adding the photos so here they are.

See the full gallery on posterous

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Filey Panorama

I am always looking for new techniques to try in my Photography and this is from my personal passion rather than the business angle. Panoramas are something I have wanted to try for a while but never got round to doing it. So when on holiday recently on the east coast I took a series of photos whilst on the Filey beach. It was a family holiday so hadn’t brought my tripod which I have always assumed unnecessary for a panorama, so instead I used the centre focusing point in my view finder and kept that on the horizon line in order to take the series. Then I loaded all the photos into Photoshop and used Photomerge to create the panorama. I love the result and hope you do too.

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Another visit to the zoo

We are family member of Chester Zoo and it’s one of the best things we ever did. Going to the zoo for a day used to be a bit of a chore. We had to set of early to make sure we got there in good time, and then once there we always tried to see everything in one day and in my opinion that is impossible. Becoming members has meant we can go as often as we like and whenever we like. By going as often as we do we don’t try and see it all in one day, instead we take it nice ans steady and take in what we do see. The girls love the zoo and get excited every time we go, which is rather handy as we love the zoo too.

When we go to the zoo it’s always a treat for me us as we get to combine our love for animal and photography at the same time.

Here is a selection of photos from our trip.